Free evening tuition classess

NST conducts free evening tuition classes at 60 villages of Perambalur and Cuddalore districts. These classes are conducted every day in the evening.

At present, schools in Dalit areas have poor infrastructure and lower teaching standards. The proportion of school drop-outs is alarming. “Right to education” has not solved the fundamental obstacles at the lower level. More over the Government is guilty of falling standards in the basic education, at primary level, especially in Government schools. Hostile environment in their house/locality – inadequate electricity, TV-menace are the known devils.

NST educates the parents to send all the children to schools at the right age and help them continue their education without break. NST is committed to compensate the shortfalls of the standard of education by providing free-evening coaching classes and counseling. Children are taught by local teachers and visiting volunteers. (Click here for Gallery)

Continuous efforts of NST has resulted in:

  • Growing self-confidence
  • Improvement of standard of education
  • Cultivation of good habits
  • Preservation of traditional values
  • Avoiding passion for TV
  • Awareness of education-as the way out (Click here for testimonials)

Now NST is having 60 centers in 2 districts – imparting free education for 2,300 students in the evening. 60 teachers, 6 supervisors, 2 office staff and 1 driver are involved in this work.

Deserving students from Dalit and other backward caste from the most backward-rural areas of Cuddalore, Permbalur districts (Click here for locations at map) are greatly benefited.

In every center, monthly parent meetings are organized to get the feed-back from the parents.

The total cost of running one tuition centre is INR 3000 per month - which includes the salary of teacher, supervisor, annual day celebrations, stationeries, monthly meetings, staff uniform, parent meetings, teachers training camps, office maintenance and miscellaneous.

We offer you the great opportunity of adopting one tuition center for a month / year.