பாரத நாடு பழம்பெரும் நாடு - நீரதன் அதன் புதல்வர் இந்நினைவகற்றாதீர்
பாரத நாடு பார்க்கெலாம் திலகம் - நீரதன் அதன் புதல்வர் இந்நினைவகற்றாதீர்

Bharat is ancient Nation. Thou art its children, forget Not!
Bharat is supreme among the Nations – Thou art its children, forget Not!
-    Mahakavi Bharathiyar

பாருக்குள்ளே நல்ல நாடு எங்கள் பாரத மணித்திருநாடு.......

We learnt that the country is ours that we live in
We learnt that we rightfully inherit it………………………….
We will never be slaves to anyone in the world
We will live as servants of the Lord Almighty alone
-    Mahakavi Bharathiyar

When India became independent, eradication of untouchability and achievement of social equality were considered the points of high priority in the newly formulated constitution. Based on that, various legal provisions were made and they were amended periodically. To this day, nothing solid could be achieved.

People at the gross-root level are deprived of their rights and they are least aware of this. It has resulted only in the formation of superficial - social and political - movements. Growing frustration and hopelessness are net results among the oppressed. No positive / permanent changes have been achieved. Egalitarian society has remained a distant star.

When one fourth of the National population remained oppressed, we should be ashamed to claim that we are civilized. The race which envisaged and propogated “Sarve Jano Sukhino Bavantu” has deteriorated to such an extent that our own people are branded as untouchable by birth.

Ignorance, poverty and growing frustration among them are being exploited by anti-social forces and foreign elements encouraging secessionists’ activities, thereby weakening National integration.

All political parties and bureaucracy have remained insensitive to such main issues and its growing complications in the wider National perspective. They intentionally exploit Dalit population as mere vote banks. As a bait, time and again they release some favors to allure them. The so called Dalit leaders and popular movements abuse them for their own vested interests and fall prey to the political parties.

When we dream of our country as a super power-fully developed Nation- this is the hard reality at present. Any sensible and Nation- minded citizen cannot remain indifferent to this. They have a natural responsibility to take initiative and leadership in this direction. (“If the intellectual class is honest, independent and disinterested it can be trusted to take the initiative and give a proper lead when a crisis arises.....” – Dr. BR Ambedkar)

It is inevitable that all the socially concerned persons irrespective of their backgrounds or any other differences and those aspiring for the National development must shoulder the prime responsibility.

With this great mission, NST has committed to play its role in the wider perspective of National reconstruction.

In this MISSION, with the greater context of SOCIO-POLITICAL-ECONOMICAL-CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT, NST has visualized AWARENESS (education) as its pivotal point for all its activities.

Founded on that, we have designed all our activities having special focus on education at various levels.