Indian civilization is the most ancient and glorious among the civilizations, which excelled in all fields viz: astronomy, astrology, aeronautics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, medicines, metallurgy etc. Dr. Ambedkar questions how such an advanced state has been lost into oblivion. At the same time, he points out the reason for the setback was that the privilege of education and power was vested in the hands of a few selected cross-section of Indian society.

Legal Provisions – by letters and spirit
When the constitution of India was framed, it was declared that untouchability was abolished (I.C. Sec 17). Reservation was allotted for the untouchable population.

The legal provisions allotted to the dalit population such as abolishment of untouchability Civil Act (1955), Special Amendment Act (1980), SC/ST Atrocities Act (1989) have remained unimplemented even after many decades.

Misconceptions about reservation policy
The original idea of reservation policy has been misunderstood and various misconceptions have been developed to such an extent that everyone is demanding reservation. Even after years of implementation, nothing has been solidly achieved. Only a creamy-layer have been benefited where the vast majority remained untouched. When one fourth of the National population remained untouchable and deprived of economical, political rights, it will be a mockery to say that India is a democratic country.

Our mission
It is inevitable that all the socially concerned and those aspiring for the national development must take initiative in this direction to rectify the current scenario by shouldering their responsibility in this great mission.

With this background, “NST” was launched by the socially committed and those aspiring for egalitarian society. With this mission, NST chalks out various plans and programs to channelize all the efforts in a positive, constructive and Nation building activities.