The Team

Mr. D.  Periyasamy - Trustee
Mr. D. Periyasamy (Tada D Periyasamy) is the founder of NST – Nandhanar Sevashrama Trust. He is a veteran Dalit leader in Tamilnadu. Mr. Periyasamy focuses all his activities in naxalite affected areas of Perambalur, Ariyalur and Cuddalore.

He himself was a former radicalist, strongly believed and worked with a rebellious mind in those areas for Dalit upliftment. In the midst, he got arrested and imprisoned for 5 years related to sensitive political issues. He was instrumental for the creation of Viduthalai Siruthaikal (Dalit Panthers of India) and pioneered the movement in Tamilnadu along with Tirumavalavan. He worked at various responsibilities in that party and was also the General Secretary of the party. He contested in Perambalur parliamentary constituency (1999-DPI), Harur assembly constituency (2001-DPI), Chidambaram parliamentary constituency (2004-BJP), Varagur assembly constituency (2006-BJP).

Though he got considerable votes, he found that nothing could be achieved solidly through political parties and electoral process.

After a long stirring of mind and elaborate discussions with many social leaders and like-minded friends, he finally realized that only through constructive social work at the gross-root level any positive and enduring transformation is possible. He got the point.

Today Mr. Periyasamy is devoting his whole time towards NST as his life mission.

Mr. Sudarshan - Trustee
Mr. Sudarshan Venkatraman, Chairman & CEO, Zylog Systems Limited, has over 17 years of business experience in Technology business. He heads the US Operations and mainly focuses on strategic planning, alliances & partnerships, and business development. Prior to establishing Zylog, he was associated with a Media Company which was developing program software for the television channels for a period of over two years (February 1994 - July 1996) as a Program Director. Before that he was a legal consultant. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Science, Bachelors in Law and Master's Degree in Management (Marketing) from Pace University, New York.

Mr. Sudarshan has hailed from Tanjavur district of Tamilandu. Having hailed from agricultural background, he was aware of and sensitive to the problems faced by rural population. He devoted his prime youth towards social services in southern districts of Tamilnadu. During that period, he came into contact with many social reformists at various levels. The passion for egalitarian society has occupied his mind. Though he had hailed from an orthodox background, he had rational thoughts and approach. He had the conviction that various provisions and concessions that are given to Dalit community are not favors but they are corrective measures (prayachithams) for our past wrongs.

His association with Mr. Periyasamy has given an opportunity for Mr. Sudarshan in the direction of his heart’s desire by taking a vital role in the formation and continuing activities of NST.

Now he is the driving force of NST working tirelessly with a perspective of creating an awakened India.

Mr. Adithan - Trustee