Free Tailoring Training Center

Tailoring InstituteNext to illiteracy, poverty is the stumbling block of our progress. Bearing this in mind, NST has taken a small step in this direction by running free-tailoring institutes at Thittakudi in Cuddalore district and Perambalur in Perambalur district.

Providing women with a source of sustenance will lead to their economic well being. When women are economically independent, the welfare of the entire family & community improves greatly. The large portion of women's income goes to the education, health care, and on other essential needs for the entire family and hence leads to overall community development and economic growth.

Started in 2005, till June 2010, the tailoring institute has developed 516 trained tailoring experts.
In every batch, free tailoring machine is given to deserving widows / women.

Self employment opportunity
We have developed a system of creating self-employment opportunities for the women trained in our tailoring institute. In association with big business houses in Chennai (viz: M/s Naidu Hall) job works are given to our skilled tailoring women for their earning.

The total cost of running one tailoring centre is INR 8,000 per month. The total cost per month includes – salary of teacher, helper, building rent, electricity and maintenance cost. Each batch undergoes a period of 6 months. One worthable tailoring machine costs INR 5,000.

We offer you the great opportunity of

  • Adopting one tailoring center for a month / batch
  • Sponsoring a tailoring machine to a deserving women
  • Helping by introducing business houses / garment companies in Chennai known to you – for arranging job works